Fistful of Pixels is an improv comedy podcast about theoretical video games, released bi-weekly, right here on the internet!

Here’s how it works: You send us your made up video game titles to @FistfulofPixels or and we spend three to five minutes creating a video game pitch based on that title. Then we wrap it all up and you listen to it. With your ears. Both of em. Click the player below to hear a ten minute sample of what you can expect!

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We’re in the process of making this page sexy as opposed to the wretched mess it is today, but in the meantime you should give us a listen! If you’re on iTunes, you can get the show here, or if you prefer to subscribe to the direct feed, you can click here.

You’ve already read this far, so check us out! We’d love it if you’d make us a regular in your podcast rotation and, if you like what you hear, maybe leave us a review on iTunes. In return we’ll keep bringing the heat every episode! …maybe.